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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Awakening The Sixth Sense

The essence behind ones spiritual journey is experience, no amount of reading, debating or discussions can produce the most profound breakthroughs.

So rather than re-inventing the wheel find a guided meditation technique that works efficiently and with regular practice you should in time not only have the knowledge but the experiences that provides you with understanding.

A specialized guided meditation technique that awakens the dormant sixth sense and connects to higher consciousness. This type of meditation technique which concentrates on the main chakra points to increase ones energy and to stimulate the sixth sense.

From the beginning one needs to ask their reason for meditating as there are many benefits to meditation.

Such benefits include stress relief, greater physical and mental prowess, increased focus and concentration relaxation and calmness as well as a greater sense of well being. However, this is meditation at its most basic form neglecting its most important function. That is the arousal of the lost sixth sense through stimulating the pineal gland.

There are those who take a profoundly different approach to higher consciousness who view our minds or soul as another body similar to your physical body but outside of it and made up of pure energy.

Like our other five senses the sixth sense requires training and refinement. The five senses send electrical energy as messages for the brain to experience and interpret for something higher, our mind, our spirit, our soul.

The mind is who you ‘really’ are it is not physical but made of energy and thus cannot experience the physical world. So the mind uses the physical body as a vehicle to experience and explore life in this dimension.

Thus our senses gather information for the brain to process and for the mind to experience. Trying to experience this phenomenon with a physical body and a mechanical brain would be to use the wrong tool for the job at hand.

The mind like the brain requires training and repetition to master the information uploaded by the sixth sense as the other five senses function for the brain. Evolution of the man has hidden the sixth sense and thus must be rediscovered through training and ongoing practice.

The mind is our mechanism to explore, experience and download information from higher dimensions and to process it in a manner which the brain absorbs and interprets the information of our five senses.

The true essence of meditation is to acquire the ability to blend and flow with the universe for inner peace. Meditation attracts energy and nourishes our higher consciousness gaining strength and a sense of connection to God.

Through practice ones mind develops to master its senses in the dimensional realm much like the brain masters its senses in this physical world. Mastery of these senses allows us to interpret, communicate, integrate and experience multi dimensions.

We are all individuals and thus our experience level is an individual one as the force will unfold and share only what you allow it to at ones own speed and liking so not to overwhelm and shock you.

For many ready for spiritual awakening their inner voice will allow them an inner knowing of which way to turn and the path they are required to travel towards enlightenment.

By: Rodney Francis

Pellowah Healing© Technique – Awakening & Enlightenment Modality

Pellowah was first taught in 2003 with the purpose of assisting people to take charge of their lives with positive change.
Presently Pellowah Healing Technique is the purest form of healing available to reach the highest level of spirit that one may access. The technique is a simple and easy way to empower people to heal themselves and their life, so as to open the doorways to their own potential.

Pellowah Healing Technique was channelled from "Spirit' to Kachina Ma'an, from Australia who is an extremely gifted and experienced Spiritual Channel. Kachina has dedicated her life to “Spirit” and the spiritual evolution of humankind.
Kachina had been practicing this healing technique on people for many years then “‘Spirit” advised her that she was to start teaching the technique as peoples’ state of consciousness were now ready for such a powerful healing modality so as to assist people shift their own level of consciousness.

Pellowah is an Angelic word for ' A Radical Shift in Consciousness'. It increases one’s awareness and consciousness so that they are enabled to make greater life time choices and positive commitments in their lives. The energy comes from the purest, of divine source the highest and closest vibration to where and what the energy does. One becomes more objective and discerning and no longer caught in the dramas of other people’s energy.

Pellowah helps people to make better choices and direct them to have more control in their life. One experiences a new, expanded perception allowing a more objective outlook and understanding of life. Thinking positive thoughts will attract positive people and events into a person’s life. This energy also unblocks and realigns all body meridians, presenting a feeling of well being and connection, allowing the Radical Shift in Consciousness to occur.

Pellowah Healing Technique is 100% pure energy as it is not personality based. This means the practitioner does not receive any of the healing; it is direct between the person receiving and spirit. The practitioner does not diagnose, judge, comment or give their opinion of their perception. It is simple yet so powerful! The energy is coming from such a high source it is ‘angelic’ – the highest vibration – a pure source of energy. Also there are 7 Pellowah symbols which are powerful tools for personal growth which assist in raising the level of consciousness for each individual attuned to this healing process.

This healing will connect all 12 strands of DNA - ready for activation. Once each DNA strand is activated a person may access hidden knowledge, abilities and information direct from Spirit.

Pellowah is a tool for enlightenment; through the use of this energy it has been found to have a very profound healing influence on both physical and emotional levels.

During the healing process some experience involuntary body movements, intense visions and feelings of being 'put back together'. Post process individuals generally experience 'lightness' or feeling of extended well being that becomes even stronger with time. Everyone has their own unique experience. Additionally, Pellowah may be also be used in distant healing as well as on pets and plants.

Many other forms of healing are a result of breaking down old frameworks to create new ones. This is not the case with Pellowah. A person's growth and change is built on positive frameworks without trauma and the old belief of “no pain, no gain” and “learning the hard way” is not true. Focusing on the good points and positives in front of a person life instead of the past is what this healing process is all about.

Summoning up; through these attunements, a persons’ awareness is greatly expanded which allows them to connect with their ‘higher being’ when they make the decision to be here at this time and place. This connection enables them to bring the energy and consciousness of their ‘higher being’ into their every day life and enables a person to fulfil their mission on a much higher level so as to contribute to the Universe and to their own evolution.

By: Linda Benn

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meditation As A Tool To Promote Healthy Sleep

Meditation is a proven technique used to relax the body and the mind. The more relaxed you are the, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep. It will also improve the quality of your sleep if you are calm and relaxed. If you are beginning to include meditation in your nighttime routine you should remember that this type of meditation requires a great deal of discipline. It will take you time to learn what works best for you, and you will need to be able to train your mind to ignore unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation will help you achieve a relaxed state, and you will be able to focus on peace and harmony. It is vital to put aside your tension and worries before you decide to retire to bed.

In order to move into a deep state of meditation you will need to be comfortable. You must be in a quiet room at a comfortable temperature, perhaps even sitting on a cushion. You can sit with your hands resting lightly on your lap, and breathe through your nose. Steady your breathing and try and relax all your muscles as much as possible. Focusing on your breathing is very important, and will help you calm yourself. To meditate, you will need to clear your mind of everything, and just concentrate on the breaths that you take. Acknowledge any other thoughts that enter your mind, and then let them go.

The whole idea of meditation may seem difficult, but with practice you will be able to achieve a peaceful state of serenity. At first it will be hard to ignore the other thoughts that pop into your head, but with practice it will get easier, especially as you learn to focus.

It is important to find a focus point for your meditation. As mentioned above, it could be your breathing, or you could even repeat a mantra – which is a saying or phrase that makes you feel safe or at peace.

Some people even like to play some relaxing meditation music whilst they ascend into the harmonious state. Others will light candles, and some will even do both. The objective is to maintain an atmosphere of serenity and peace, a place for you to let go of all the worries in your head and just focus on your inner quiet.

Another form of meditation is visualization. This is especially successful and helpful if you have a problem focusing only on a mantra or breathing, and need something to really distract you from your thoughts.

Visualization can be listening to tapes that describe beautiful places such as walking through a forest towards a waterfall, or being on a beach. Anything that makes you feel calm and serene.

The above techniques are only simple guidelines for meditation. Your goal is to be as rested as possible before going to sleep. There are many methods of meditation available, you just need to research and test out what works best for you. You may find that meditating ten to fifteen minutes before going to bed will help you fall asleep quickly and more naturally.

By: John Thackeray

Making Chakra Meditation A Big Part Of Your Life

Meditation is one of the best things you can do to bring a little relief to your mind, your spirit and even your physical body. It is a practice which has been with us for thousands of years; the ancient civilization of India was one society well aware of the benefits provided by meditation. We in the West have come to an understanding of meditation as a tool for achieving better mental and spiritual health only recently. On of the most effective and simple methods of meditation (and for precisely this reason, the most popular) is Chakra meditation.

The Basics of Chakra Meditation

Chakra Meditation is a means of striking a balance between the seven energy centers of the body - these are known as Chakras. Once these energy centers are properly balanced, proper energy flow through the body can be achieved. We should briefly explain these seven Chakras:

1. The Crown Chakra - located at the top of the head, this is the Chakra which relates to our thought; wisdom, knowledge and our very consciousness.

2. The Brow (or Third Eye) Chakra - this Chakra is located between the eyebrows and relates to the element of light; that is to say our powers of perception and visualization.

3. The Throat Chakra - this Chakra is found at the base of the throat and is tied to the element of sound. This Chakra is related to our ability to communicate and our creative impulses.

4. The Heart Chakra - found in the center of the chest close to the heart, this Chakra is responsible for your capacity to love and feel compassion, as well as governing your relationships. This Chakra is related to the element of air.

5. The Solar Plexus (or Power) Chakra - situated just above the navel, this Chakra is related to our will power as well as our metabolism. This Chakra is related to the element of fire.

6. The Sacral Chakra - found just below the navel, this Chakra relates to physical love and our generative organs, as well as the creative impulse.

7. The Root (or base) Chakra - Found at the base of the spine, this Chakra is responsible for our general physical health, as well as security and prosperity. This Chakra is related to the element of Earth.

To refresh yourself and bring things back into the proper balance, nothing works better than does Chakra meditation. If all of these important energy centers are in proper alignment, then you will enjoy better health; physical, mental and spiritual. Chakra meditation can make a huge difference towards fostering better health and a better life for you.

Chakra Meditation:- The Process

Chakra Meditation consists of three techniques:

1. Grounding - This technique aims to make you feel physically connected with the Earth. Close your eyes and visualize a root growing from your body and into the Earth beneath you. You will need to focus intensely in order to do this successfully.

2. Centering Technique - Take a few deep breaths. Tighten and relax each part of your body, from bottom to top; visualize yourself relaxing as you do so. Finally, visualize centering a piece of pottery on a potter's wheel.

3. Relaxation Technique - This can be anything which works to produce the necessary state of relaxation for you, but many find that visualization techniques are best to achieve this. Here is a simple way to perform Chakra meditation:

a) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
b) Close your eyes and try to shut out external stimuli - you want to have as few distractions as possible.
c) Breathe naturally; your breath will naturally reach the proper state.
d) Begin to concentrate on each part of your body from toe to head. Eyes still closed, feel the surface you are sitting or lying on, the air around you; visualize your surroundings.
e) You may find this difficult at first, but just let any distracting thoughts run through your mind - they will work themselves out and disappear with practice.
f) Don't hold your consciousness back; let it flow as it will through your body.

Do this meditation for as long as needed at any time of the day!

By: Paul.A.White